Per Gisela,
All tutors including FYE: No one is allowed to be in the offices during any time unless you are not working or on a break. Development time, readings, Maria Task, Gisela Task, outlines, training prep, In class prep,data, or any other tasks will be taking place in the computers formerly used by FYE. Gisela, has asked desk to enforce this upon ALL tutors. She has requested for desk to cross anyone out who does not follow through with this.

In addition, the FYE white boards have been re-arranged in order for better supervision. Therefore, they are not to be moved.

Finally, the Spring Semester parking passes ARE HERE!! Please, if you have not yet received yours please ask a desk staff as they will provide one for you.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Gisela directly.

Thank you.

Ingrid Aguilar