FREE Workshops! Come in TODAY!

01/17/2018, Adriana Cano, Reading and Writing Center, 5:02 PM

Need help with formatting a paper in MLA or APA? What about grammar skills like correcting fragment sentences or using commas in compound sentences?
Come in to the Reading and Writing Center today! We have multiple workshops held Monday through Saturday, from morning to evening.
If your professor gives you credit for visiting us, you can attend a workshop. After completing a workshop you will receive a stamped verification sheet signed by the tutor that will count as proof of your attendance.
Reserve a seat for a workshop online at or come in to the center on the day of the workshop to be added to the sign in sheet.
We are located in the E3 building second floor.
See our workshop schedule for this and next week, attached to this email.

We are committed to assisting you in your academic success!

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