Need Tutoring? Make an Appointment!

06/20/2018, Adriana Cano, Reading and Writing Center, 12:21 PM

Happy Wednesday!
Here at the Reading and Writing Center, we try our best to accommodate students with any academic needs they may have, including FREE one-on-one tutoring.
We help with:
-English, ESL, and Reading classes
-Essays/writing assignments for any other class, including but not limited to History, Psychology, Art History, Sociology, Child Development, Communication Studies, Geography, Humanities, and even lab reports for Anatomy, Biology, or other Science/Math classes.
-University applications/Personal statements
-Appeal letters for Financial Aid or parking citations
-Resumes and cover letters for job applications
and SO MUCH more!!!!

We highly recommend that you make an appointment in order to avoid waiting on the walk-in wait list. Appointments are made on our website where you can register your account and also view our workshop schedule.
However, if you are truly unable to make that appointment, we still have the walk-in wait list available, just keep in mind that wait times vary.

Have questions? Visit us today! We are located in the E3 (Ernesto H. Moreno) building room 220 (second floor).

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